Social Skills

Social anxiety is associated with Autism and ADHD which can be caused from adjusting to new people or surroundings, and a fear of the unknown when in into social situations. Individuals can have difficulties understanding social interaction and this can trigger low mood and anxiety. Learn problem solving techniques and communication skills along with learning how to resolve conflict and problem solve.  Learn skills to reduce social anxiety using CBT that is modified to prepare for social situations.

Some clients may want to explore the need for social skills for attendance in school or college and for employment. Whatever the clients’ different social needs are, techniques can help to develop and achieve goals. Learn strategies for appropriate eye contact, starting conversations and understanding what to do in specific social settings. Learn the unwritten rules in social situations, learn social norms and social etiquette. Develop adaptive skills for healthy sexual behaviour, sexual health and sexual safety. The CBT skills work with both autistic and individuals with ADHD.

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