If you are undiagnosed, waiting for assessment or diagnosed with Autism or ADHD psychoeducation can help in understanding and working on how best to work with your strengths. Understanding emotions is key with clients, and education on all emotions and the appropriate response, along with Identification of emotions in taught. Clients are taught through visual CBT, how to verbalise emotions so that others can understand how they are feeling. Learn what triggers emotions and how best to cope with there. Aids like emotion cards may be used to understand and identify feeling to help in communication.

 Special interests are used for emotional management and to increase coping strategies. Advance information is given on special interests are given so that therapy can be adjusted to support these. Sessions can be used for developing self-understanding, self-awareness, behavioural change and self-compassion. Also, for planning, focus and organising skills for the future The CBT modifications are tailored to each autistic and ADHD individual.


“Our Son is 14 with ASD and Anxiety. Our son has been having sessions now for months with Robert and they have form an absolutely fantastic relationship. He loves meeting Robert in his therapy room and using the sensory lighting to suit his mood. He like chilling and chatting on the massive bean bags, and often I have trouble getting him to leave after the sessions. He often goes into therapy in bad mood but always comes out happy. I cannot recommend Robert enough, he has helped our son so much”.

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