Modified Psychotherapy

Adjustments are made to therapy in the understanding that all clients’ needs are different. The therapy sessions are explained in more detail and a greater understanding of what psychotherapy is will be outlined. CBT is modified to using concrete examples to allow for a concrete thinking style and to focus on abilities. Special interests are incorporated into therapy to increase coping strategies. Visual aids are shown to slow down the session to allow for processing and to explain complex concepts. The TV is used as a visual aid showing video and images to support learning.

Family members can be included in sessions for the benefit of the client if needed. Sessions can shorter than 50 minutes if it suits the client’s needs and a 10-minute de-stress at the end of the session is offered using the sensory elements in the room. The time of the sessions are managed by the therapist and the client with both using clocks. Bean bags are under fibre optics and used to provide anxiety reduction and limited eye contact if needed.

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