About Us

Autism Psychotherapy

I have moved my practice to a purpose-built room in response to my client’s needs which I have listened to over years of therapy. The therapy room is designed to cater for all needs, and offers a calming setting for clients. The room can be changed using lighting and sound to suit a client’s needs. It is also wheelchair accessible. All pictures on this website are taken from the therapy room. The development of this practice comes from working with clients, continuous education and working both privately and with organisations. My practice has moved to Mount Kenneth place in Limerick. My practice is for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties and I specialise in anxiety reduction using CBT, and modified psychotherapy for individuals with ASD.


“Since we started taking our son, who has ASD, to see Robert we have seen wonderful results. Robert has given our son skills he needs to cope in varying situations and he is now thriving. These results have not just helped our son but have also helped create a much improved family & home environment for all the family. Thank you Robert, we are very grateful for your support, professionalism and dedication”.


If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.